3 Things That Are Beyond a Recruiter’s Control

As recruiters, we like to believe that we have to power to change and contribute to transformational projects, but the reality isn’t always fair. We usually have no control in making major hiring decisions besides selecting top candidates on Jobstreet Singapore, but you shouldn’t blame yourself or fight battles that lead to nowhere.

Here are three main areas that every recruiter wished they had influence over, but can’t:

The amount of salary

One of the jobs of being a recruiter is educating hiring managers about the latest market trends and talent demands. Most of the time, everyone would agree with the job specifications but the salary offer is lower than expected. When the salary is too low, the job ad looks like a joke.

However, if the pay is higher than the market standard, you can use this as an advantage move. You can do your best to influence your company to set salary expectations, but you shouldn’t beat yourself up if it doesn’t go your way.

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Outdated technology

It’s not your fault when talented candidates slip under your radar due to poor technology and inefficient tech processes. Technology and recruiting tools that aren’t functioning to the best of its ability will affect and slow the hiring process, but it can be difficult to overhaul your current tech stack as the cost of change is usually high.

While you don’t have control over your set up, you can make sure that you have a full understanding of what you need and properly convey it to your organisation.

Poor hiring decisions

A study shows that only 12% of recruiters feel like they can influence a hiring manager’s decision. This result shows that recruiters have little control over the entire hiring process.

What we can take from this study is that we shouldn’t feel too guilty as it is beyond our control. Instead, you should focus on the things that you do best such as screening or sourcing candidates. Always strive to be better and sharpen your skills, and try to get involved as much as you in the hiring process.


Instead of feeling helpless in the hiring process, recruiters should accept the situation and do their best be it poor technology, low salary packages or bad hiring decisions.

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