5 Tips To Raise a Smart Child

Your child’s brain is like a blank slate when they are born. It starts to develop as your child encounter different experiences. The growth of a child’s brain happens in correspondence with the actions and experiences of their surroundings.


Here are five suggested tips to raise a smart child:


Praise your children for their effort, not their intelligence

We live in a society full of participation awards, but letting your kids know that they’re always best at everything makes it hard for them to accept life’s inevitable disappointments and failures.


Instead of praising their intelligence, praise their efforts and hard work. By doing so, you can motivate your child to move forward when they encounter failures. Make sure don’t over-praise your kid without any reasons.

raise a smart child

Encourage your child to think through issues and solve problems

Instead of providing a solution for your children’s problem for them, you should teach them to focus on a single goal or problem and think of ways to achieve the goal or solve the problem through critical and creative thinking.


This act both stimulates the brain and teaches them that they are capable of working through obstacles on their own.


Crack the books early

Reading is a huge predictor of school success, so you should start reading with your child long before they understand what the words mean. Reading stimulates the brain, builds a knowledge base, and acts as the foundation of all future learning.


Ensure books are easily accessible in your house, make reading a habit by making sure your kid sees you reading often, and engage with your kids while reading. Help your child build conversational and reading comprehension skills.

Read with your kids, not to them

When you read to your child, don’t let them purely stare at the book while you do all the reading. You should point the words to them, and point to the illustrations while you read to them.


When reading is shared between you and your kid, it builds early literacy ability, even among children with disabilities.


Introduce music to your child

You may have realized that your child will take longer to learn a school lesson, but quickly memorize the song they love. It’s a simple example of growing intellect when children listen to music.


Music boosts attention, motivation, learning, and memory. It helps to build patience for listening as well. You may bring your child to musical instruments lesson, and it helps to develop spatial-temporal reasoning and proportional thinking.


The first few years of a child’s life is the prime time for learning. Learn more about how your child can be smart in more ways, visit https://abbottnutrition.com.my/child-development/Child-Smart-More-Ways!