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Mitsubishi Cutting-edge Design and Fuel Effective Vehicle For All Those

The Finest SUV and Pickup Truck from Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia

Many SUVs (sport-utility vehicle) are created on a light-truck chassis, but it’s always the best for the family because of its large cargo space, passenger seats, and high-performance. If you’re looking for one, tend not to get left behind Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia, an auto producer which includes the finest SUV & 4×4 car in the world.


Makes great vehicles since 2005

Established in 2005, Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia for being serving the nation by providing the finest quality fuel-efficient vehicles. It’s received numerous awards year after year together with the quality vehicles it offers.

As of 2018, it provides 3 kinds of which are the ASX, Outlander, and Triton. The Mitsubishi ASX has got a number of premium features, for instance, the daytime running lights, the rear positioned seats, and a shark fin antenna. It’s suitable for individuals who prefer cars with higher ride height. Its high equipment level is why car buyers may love the ASX. It is a perfect selection for you as it’s value-for-money.

Big family car

For individuals that search for the big family car, Outlander is the choice for you. Outlander has been chosen as the best SUV for 2016 CarSifu awards. Besides being affordable, this SUV also as we’ve got the technology of 4 Wheel Drive (4WD) and features a sensible 4WD system.

A person can make between 4WD Eco, 4WD Auto, and 4WD Lock. If you are looking for a pickup truck, you are able to take a look at the Mitsubishi Triton. With a MIVEC Turbo Diesel engine and variable valve timing technology, the Mitsubishi Triton 4WD will give you a secure and comfortable drive on your journey.

Fuel Efficiency

Furthermore, it can help to encourage fuel efficiency to help you to save more on your petrol! Mitsubishi Triton 4X2 is a superior option for your business plan’s budget. It features a large cargo space that enables you to load more items within your truck.

Furthermore, it includes J-lines technology design that promises you extra usable interior space for the rear passenger or perhaps your workers. It is using 2.5L DOHC 16V DI-D Common Rail Turbocharged engine power. Mitsubishi Motors has achieved 7 consecutive wins and 12 total wins in 25 years of participation in the most extreme competition of Dakar Rally.

The most recognized merchandise

Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia supplying great merchandise like shirt, umbrella and a dry bag for all motorsports’ fans available. You can go to the store and buy each of the collections. If you would like to have the best highest rated car that being recognized worldwide with a good manufacturer spirit, you can check out Mitsubishi’s website and check out the important points on high spec popular features of ASX, Outlander or Triton.

Notice the real experience of the MIVEC engine by visiting their showroom or book a test drive with them. Drive your Mitsubishi today! Visit them to learn more at

A Summary of the ideal SUV and Pickup Truck from Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia

Services and products supplied by Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia

A Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) is often chosen as a family car as it may have a capacity for approximately 7 people. Another popular option for a family car is a pickup truck. It provides a large space for passengers and goods storage space. If you are looking for a reputable SUV or pickup truck for your family, Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia has what you’re looking for. especially Mitsubishi Outlanders

Mitsubishi Outlander

Starts on 2005

Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia Sdn Bhd was established in Malaysia on 29 Jan 2005. From then, they’ve got brought various of Mitsubishi’s vehicles that prime quality and fuel efficiency into Malaysia’s market. As per their catalog now, they feature 3 types of models named as ASX, Outlander, and Triton. Many rewards and recognition have been gained from local spectators.

The ASX is an outstanding alternative for people who find themselves looking for SUV car segments that fit for individual and family purpose, because of its design. It has sporty lines and a dynamic-looking honeycomb grille that has a timeless athletic style. Besides, ASX has gained many rewards like ASEAN Motorcar 2014, ASEAN fuel efficiency awards and much more.

The Outlander

You can check out the Mitsubishi Outlander as well. It is a 4WD SUV which has more top quality features and outlook compared to Mitsubishi ASX. With all the Mitsubishi Outlander, you can switch in between two 4WD modes – the Eco Mode and Automatic Mode. Auto Mode enables you to fully take pleasure in 4WD features while the Eco Mode promotes fuel efficiency.

A person who still in the middle of the hesitation to possess a family car or pickup truck, Triton should be in your own car garage. Triton is designed with a level of cabin comfort that’s AF comparable to family sedans. Triton has been selected as CarSifu editor’s choice awards truck in 2017. Furthermore, it has got the best diesel engine meaning not only it possesses a high power engine but also fuel efficient.

The Triton series

Another well-known vehicle from Mitsubishi Motors is Triton 4X2. It’s a “cheap in price but good in quality” five-seat car that is included with large cargo space that you should load more items. It comes with Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) and Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD) which make certain that safety on road.

Have you heard about Ralliart? It turned out founded in 1984 by Mitsubishi Motors to produce its rally racing and off-road racing vehicles. If you’re a fan of race cars or Mitsubishi Motors when they are not checking out the Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia’s Ralliart variety of merchandise on the website.

As an award-winning company, Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia strives to give the best vehicle and services to its customers. Visit Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia site to investigate their latest vehicle now! Considering one of the cars mentioned previously?

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A Review the finest SUV and Pickup Truck from Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia

Sport-utility (vehicle), SUV or sport-ute is built on a light-truck chassis but operated as a family vehicle, and though developed to be used on rougher surfaces, often used on city streets or highways.

The Optimum SUV & Pickup Truck From Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia

Mitsubishi Motors with the successful experience in rally worlds and 4WD shared know-how to all its vehicle that may be enjoyed by anyone. Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia Sdn Bhd may be the exclusive distributor of Mitsubishi Motors vehicles in Malaysia. As for 2018, they’ve got produced 3 type of model which is ASX, Outlander and Triton. Mitsubishi ASX and Outlander are under SUV segments that perfect selection for family cars and private. Triton is a pickup truck segment that meets for individual or business use.


Mitsubishi ASX Malaysia

Mitsubishi ASX is a mid-sized sport utility vehicle (SUV) and has been popular among Malaysia motorist with its two choices of gearbox 4WD and 2WD. It the best car for those who want a car with higher ride height. The ASX has all the high tech features like touchscreen technology, GPS navigation, front parking sensors and a reverse camera. Book a test drive to experience the most outstanding compact SUV in Malaysia at


Outlander is definitely a seven-seater car that is included with a large cargo area. With that, you don’t worry about insufficient spaces for luggage when you’re travelling with your family. It features an intelligent 4 Wheel Drive (4WD) system that permits you to select between 4WD Eco, 4WD Auto, and 4WD Lock.

Triton 4×4

Triton 4X4 is a pickup truck with 181ps Max Power and 430Nm Max Torque. It has a variety of different series for you to choose from. The Triton series features the Variable Geometry Turbo which enhances torque output and reduces turbo lag at low speeds. It’s a fuel-efficient vehicle as it gets the best diesel engine.

Triton Quest

However, if you happen to be tight on budget, you can still opt for the Mitsubishi Triton 2WD. Less expensive tag, you still get to enjoy the majority of the comfort and safety features located in the 4WD. Use the money saved and bring your household to a family adventure together with the Mitsubishi Triton 2WD. Using its huge cargo space, carry as many stuff as you would like!


Mitsubishi Motors has achieved 7 sequential wins and 12 general triumphs in 25 years of contribution in the most extreme rivalry of Dakar Rally. Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia offering great merchandise like shirt, umbrella and a dry bag for all motorsports’ fans on the market. You can go to the shop and obtain all the collections.

Book A Test Drive Today!

Mitsubishi promises in offering reliable, high-quality and award-winning family cars which will ensure the safety of you and your household on the streets. Be sure to take a glance at Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia’s website to learn more about the vehicles or book a test drive. With Mitsubishi, you can drive your ambition.