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Full-blown Insurance coverage Products and services by AIG Malaysia

For longer than six decades since its start in 1953, AIG Malaysia serves the Malaysian people with personal accident insurance & risk management solutions that customized to match the demands of businesses and individuals. With 15 offices nationwide and growing, AIG’s operation is sustained by a massive network of brokers, agents, and schemes. These resources have enabled the Company to deliver excellent delivery regarding services and exceeds clients’ expectations.

AIG holds on to the belief that insurance and financial protection is important when controlling the uncertain future. Hence, they have developed a lot of risk management plan that meet both private individuals’ and businesses’ needs.

For private consumers, owning high-valued assets such as cars and homes without insurance packages is a concern. To emphasize its importance, the Lawmakers render insurance subscription mandatory in making certain its citizens together with their businesses have much protection against unfortunate happenings. While there are many different insurers you can find, AIG is regarded as the most reliable car insurance & house insurance provider in the country.

AIG Malaysia

Ultimately, personal wellness continues to be the most essential thing for individuals. AIG Malaysia made a solid effort to communicate this importance and is particularly pleasant to finally look at the positive results from their effort since the annual statistics of medical insurance subscriptions grow every single year.

AIG also has a business risk management approach which is certainly specially crafted to fulfill demands from corporations. From casualty insurance to marine insurance, manufacturer’s warranty insurance, and multinational business affiliated insurance, companies can have a personalized subscription plan that could be sufficient to shield them from the possibility of losses throughout the operation.

The idea to supply a customizable program’s thanks to AIG’s knowing that different businesses from different sectors, most notably those involved with education, professions, hospitality & leisure, import & export, communications, or media & technology industry, have different risk management wants. Besides, they are also conscious that scale matters, and as such AIG moreover offered SME Package to help protect small business owners with an inexpensive subscription plan.

Should enterprises and private persons become interested to discover more to do with the products offered before making a subscription, they’ll just contact AIG Malaysia and request for a quote via a webpage. Customers who prefer to obtain an in-person meeting could also find agents’ information through the website and request to have a private meeting.

Being one of the main providers that embrace technology in their operation, AIG Malaysia has partnered together with Lazada Malaysia in making online insurance purchases more convenient. The infusion of e-commerce on their strategy may ultimately benefit the customers as they can easily purchase their preferred protection plan while having it activated after only 3 days after undergoing a few basic registration steps.

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