Great Eastern Takaful: The Insurance Brand For Yourself

About Great Eastern Takaful

In 2010, Great Eastern Holdings launched its Islamic insurance subsidiary called Great Eastern Takaful. Since its launch, this agency has received awards like ‘Best Takaful Operator’ because of its effective approach. Using a variety of products, Great Eastern Takaful provides you the coverage and confidence over your lifetime and business.

Why 2 Insurance

Everyday life is often unpredictable, and that is why it is important to buy insurance to get ready for unexpected events. In the events of injury, illness or other unforeseen circumstances, insurance can support you financially and secure your state of health. If you need to buy insurance, Great Eastern Takaful offers plenty of products to be right for you.

Protection For The Family

Personal insurance policies are some type of cover that offers financial security to your needs and your family for certain life events. Great Eastern Takaful’s products protect you and your family’s future. Medical care insurance makes sure that you’ll continually be ready for almost any injury or illness. Spend money on our education plans until your little child is finally capable to pursue their dreams.

Great Eastern Takaful

Better Business with Business Insurance

If you’re a businessman, Great Eastern Takaful’s corporate solutions will manage to benefit your small business over the long haul. Your employees are your greatest assets therefore it’s crucial for you to protect them in addition to their spouse and kids. Medical insurance and health plans permit them to move their worries away and put emphasis on the tasks that matter in building your business.

Takaful As A Possible Insurance Option

Takaful is a form of Shariah-compliant insurance, plus it requires members to contribute money with a pool system. With regard to the understanding of mutuality, this guarantees the members against loss and damage. The capital fund gathered they can double in Shariah-compliant investments, which are clear of interest (riba), uncertainty (gahar) and speculation (maysir).

The Thing That Makes Takaful Insurance Different?

Conventional insurance is different from takaful insurance in many ways. It’s generally depending on commercial factors and is also put through us government law. It really is riskier because it involves interest, uncertainties, and speculation. Takaful insurance offers more secure and stable solutions for folks, families, organizations, and businesses.

Reasons to purchase Takaful Insurance

Choosing takaful insurance does have its benefits. For example, in case there are unclaimed funds from investments, participants of the insurance are allowed to enjoy equal mudharabah payments. Everyone will receive an equal amount, which happens to be in accordance with a binding agreement between all participants. This strategy is the reason why many find this takaful insurance so appealing.

Start Your Takaful Journey With Our Company

To start with your takaful journey, go to the nearest Great Eastern Takaful branch and get in contact with our agents. We’ll help you achieve your requirements and provide the right answers to your worries. To make a claim, bring the mandatory documents and forms downloaded from the website and hand it to the nearest branch.

Choose Great Eastern Takaful In Your Future

Secure both you and your family’s future today by permitting takaful insurance with Great Eastern Takaful. It consists of protection and benefits that no conventional insurance can, and also its claiming process is easy and smooth. It’s rarely far too late to be ready, so start your takaful journey with Great Eastern Takaful today. Click insurans kesihatan for more info.