How do you travel solo as a female?

If you’ve ever had thought about traveling alone, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t. Excuses, like it’s dangerous or being a female, isn’t valid as long you have the right attitude.

Here are some tips if you plan to travel around the world as a female solo traveler:

Duplicate your documents

There’s no guarantee you will not lose your documents to thieves or unforeseen situations. Make copies of your passport, identity card, and travel insurance documents and put them in all of your bags. Make use of your smartphone and keep digital copies in them as well.

Trust your guts

When your mind is giving you warning signals, it’s not you having paranoia. More often than not, your intuition is right, and you should listen to it. The best thing is, your sense will only become more heightened after you travel more alone than when you’ve just started.

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Learn to say no

If you don’t feel like taking another drink, or if you’re not interested in a particular activity, don’t be afraid to say no. There’s no shame in walking away and don’t feel like you’re disappointing anyone. Don’t give in to peer pressure as your safety should be your priority.

Talk to the locals

It’s important to do some research on the location you’re traveling to, but sometimes the locals have more valuable information than the internet. After all, they’re living there and speak from experience. Get advice from locals about scams, safety tips, and what to do around the area.

Have a whistle and a dummy wallet

Dummy wallets work great as a diversion if you’re facing a robber. Keep a bit of cash and canceled credit cards in this dummy wallet to keep your real documents safe. Whistles are also an excellent way to grab people’s attention when you’re in a sticky situation.

Don’t walk alone at night

In some countries, it’s safe to walk alone in the dark, but some are not. It all depends on where you’re traveling. Our advice is not to risk it. If you have to go out, get a trusted individual to accompany you.


Traveling solo shouldn’t be a scary thing to do, even if you’re a female. The best scenario is not to face any unfortunate events, but in case it happens, it’s good to have yourself travel insurance.

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