What to Feed Your Kids Every Day

How your kid eats every day can have a huge impact on their growth. By feeding your kid a healthy balanced diet according to the food pyramid for kids, you are ensuring that they are getting all the essential nutrients that they need for healthy growth and development.


Here are the foods you should feed your kids every day for their growth and development:



Feeding your kids grains is important, and at least half of the grain servings should be whole grain such as whole wheat or oatmeal. Whole grains are important sources of many nutrients like Vitamin E, magnesium, and fiber. It helps to reduce your kids’ risk of diabetes and asthma.


If your kids are struggling to adapt to the transition, you can start feeding them bread or pasta that are made with a mix of refined and whole grains. Your kids might not be able to notice the difference.  

food pyramid for kids

Healthy Fats

Fat is an important part of a healthy diet, and it helps a kid’s body grow, build hormones, and provide Vitamin E. However, not all kinds of fat is good for your kids.


Unsaturated fats such as the kind of fats in salmon fish and canola, protect kids’ hearts by maintaining their cholesterol level low. On the other hand, saturated fats such as the kind of fats found in butter and cheese will raise blood cholesterol levels and increase the chances of getting heart disease.


Fruits and vegetable

Preferably, you will divide the servings equally between fruits and veg. If your kid is a picky eater, set this minimum goal: at least one serving of orange or dark-green veggies every day.

These veggies have different disease-preventing compounds. And take comfort that tomato sauce, salsa or baked fries can be included as your child’s veggie servings as well.

Dairy and added calcium

If your kids love to drink milk, it is not hard for them to get at least 800 milligrams of calcium they need every day for strong bones and teeth. Or else, you can feed them low-fat yogurt, cheese or fortified fruit juice. Search for products that contain Vitamin D, which can help kids absorb calcium.


Lean Protein

Protein is an important nutrient to help build and repair every tissue in your kids’ body. They must also consume food with nutrients like Vitamin B, zinc or iron. Feed your kid lean meats such as Cornish hens, turkey or skinless chicken.


You should also feed your kid fish and beans at least twice a week because fish and beans have nutrients that cannot be found in lean meat.


Good nutrition is important for your kids’ growth and development, not only physically but mentally too. To learn more about a complete and balanced nutrient, visit https://pediasure.com.my/balancedNutrition/food_pyramid now!